Sunset in Porto Camargo - Brazil

Sunset in Porto Camargo - Brazil
Sunset in Porto Camargo - Brazil - - Photo by Cardoso

segunda-feira, 21 de maio de 2012

Final Product


For divulge our blog we made posters and cards with the access link.We take the celebration of Mothers Day for outreach in the community, where they were present by the mayor, councilors, secretary of education and community members.We publicized the blog on the big screen and the teacher explained how we did the work.Everyone liked it and the students were congratulated for their work.

                                                                                                          Photos Deize Telma

Process Record


When did the inscription my school in the Project My Daily Blog I had a little trepidation, because students in our community have access to the Internet only at school.
So I decided to work only with a class that is very dedicated and has a small number of students.
We started the project together, since the creation of the blog that I personally never worked with this tool, until the dissemination of the work.
Our Regional Education Center also contributed to the dissemination of the project because of the 19 municipalities served only our school participated in this project.
This project moved the whole school, especially when students visit other blogs and spoke on their peculiarities.
Teachers  did different activities that were posted on the blog.
The direction supported the project along with the educator who closely followed the whole process.
The work with the English language was very valuable for students who might realize that with will and perseverance they could were able to meet several countries through language and computer use.
Thank you for the opportunity.
A big hug.
Teacher Fabiana

               Photos: Fabiana Cardoso

sábado, 12 de maio de 2012

A week of my life

On Monday I went to play soccer with my friends on the court andthen went into the river with my friends and we played for cheap in the water. 
Tuesday my friends and I walked the bike all day.
Wednesday I stayed with my sister watched the movie and because I was playing ball with my friends. 
Thursday I went with my friends on the court. 
Friday I went to the São Jorge do Pratrocínio played and there I with my cousin and since I went to my grandmother's house.
Saturday I've been riding with my friends and then we ride bicycles and play futsall.


A week of my life

I wake up at 8:00 am, start cleaning the house 8:30 or 8:45, when I finish is 10:00, so I'll shake the computer, at 10:30 I'll take a shower to go to school and 11 : 30 I go to catch the bus.
When I get the drains, I change my clothes to go horseback riding or walking through the farm walk it.
In the evening I come home and watch "Love Eternal Love", after I watch "Rebel" on record, the novel end  when I step into new world to watch "Full of Charm" and a bit of "Ratinho" and when you have cool movies after I watch the "Ratinho".
Saturday 8:00 am I wake to go in catechesis, I come home at 10:15and the night I go to church.
On Sunday, I'm in the house of my uncles, or else I'm at home.


sexta-feira, 11 de maio de 2012

A week of my life

Monday I played xbox until the time of going to school. After the class was on court to play ball, then I saw "Avenida Brasil", fabric hot and went to sleep.
Tuesday I rode my bicycle to the time of wrath school. After class I was coaching football, after training I played xbox until the time of "Avenida Brasil." After watching the soap opera watched "Slaps and Kisses"
Wednesday I was at my grandma and it was even time for school. After school I played xbox until the time of "Keys", then play on the computer until the time of "Avenida Brasil" and then watch the big game Vasco and Lanus.
Thursday I played xbox until time to go to school. After class I was training, after training played truco with a friend until the time of "Avenida Brazil" watched "Big Family"
Friday I was helping my father until the time for school. After school I played xbox, play on the computer until the time of "Avenida Brasil"
Saturday had a family lunch in her home. After lunch I played ball, and the night went to church.
Sunday my brother's home and we played xbox until lunchtime to late night I watched the river and "Panico na Band"
By Erik

28/04 to 01/05

Extended holiday.